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Meet Dr. Gio Iuculano


Dr. Gio Iuculano, DDS is a general dentist focused on functional orthodontics, TMJ therapy, sleep dentistry, and oral appliance therapy, including the use of Advanced Lightwire Functional (ALF) appliances.

Dr. Gio graduated from the University of Maryland School of Dentistry in 1998. He has attended numerous post-graduate education training courses including coursework in occlusion, CEREC integration, TMD and sleep dentistry, Advanced Lightwire Functionals (mini-residency), treatment of patients with head and neck muscle pains; and advanced airway management and dental solutions for sleep apnea and craniofacial pain. He is most enthusiastic about his work with solutions for sleep issues.

Our Focus


Our practice is specifically focused on functional orthodonticsTMJ therapysleep dentistry, and oral appliance therapy, including the use of Advanced Lightwire Functional (ALF) appliances. Based on the details of your case, we work with you individually to create a custom treatment plan that meets your individual needs, incorporating holistic treatment methods and carefully considering their effects on vital aspects of health such as breathing and posture.

Our practice is part-time, with office hours limited to Saturday mornings. We are closely connected with Winchester Dental, Dr. Gio’s primary practice in Winchester, VA, and we collaborate with your other health providers whenever possible to ensure a comprehensive approach to reaching health solutions.

Integrative Dentistry


Our integrative approach means that we carefully evaluate and consider your overall health in creating your dental treatment plan. We create customized oral appliances that work gently and gradually to realign the craniofacial structure; and we aim to resolve related health issues such as snoring, sleep apnea, and other breathing difficulties; and various types of head, neck, and shoulder pain, so that you may realize permanent improvement in your overall health. Our treatment goals include:

  • Advancement of mandibles positioned too far back
  • Development of dental arches in three directions
  • Development of rounded facial profiles
  • Maximized airway volume
  • Stability of jaw joints

We will always work with your other health providers for maximum integrative benefit.

News And Information


Understanding the Importance of Early Orthodontic Treatment
March 3, 2017---Identifying the need for and beginning orthodontic treatment while children are young and still growing may help them avoid serious health issues and potentially complicated, costly treatment when they are older. Learn which signs indicate that a child might need early treatment, the health benefits it can provide, and how we can help.

Specialized Dental Appliances for Sleep Breathing Disorders
February 8, 2017---Those who snore or suffer from sleep apnea are not limited to treatment with nighttime airway pressure (CPAP) machines or surgery. Specialized dental appliances worn at night can gently deliver permanent breathing improvement. Patients love the results!

Can Wisdom Teeth Extractions Lead to TMJ Disorders?
February 3, 2017---It is not a common event, but TMJ disorders can sometimes arise after wisdom teeth extractions. Read about why this sometimes occurs, and how we can help in the event that it does.

Causes of and Treatment for Malocclusion
January 25, 2017---Dental crowding issues are becoming more and more common in children. What kind of information about children’s facial growth and development do parents need to know? Here are some important answers.

Tinnitus: The Dental Connection
November 7, 2016---Tinnitus (ringing in the ears) sometimes originates from compressed jaw joints. In these cases, a dentist experienced in treating TMJ issues may be able to help. Dr. Gio Iuculano, DDS explains the connection between dental issues and ear problems such as tinnitus.

Specialized Dentistry for Tonsil and Adenoid Issues
October 24, 2016---Enlarged tonsils and adenoids frequently cause serious health problems for children. Specialized dentistry can help with palate and airway expansion, and establishment of nasal breathing. Read Dr. Gio's interview on this topic.